New Study Says Hotels Only Respond to 4 Percent of Negative Reviews!

trip-advisor-logoWe have been saying for years that one of the most important things to do is to maintain your hotel’s internet reputation.  If you missed some of our articles, click here.

Market Metrix and TripAdvisor did a recent study and found that “85 percent of hotels have no guidelines for monitoring, responding to or acting on guest reviews.”  85 percent!  They also state that “only 4 percent of negative reviews are responded to!”  The entire article can be read here.

The article suggests many of the same techniques that we do for maintaining your hotel’s internet reputation.  You wouldn’t ignore a bad comment card, right?  Then why would you ignore a bad internet review of your hotel?  Get a plan in place today!’s Reviews Called Into Question

If you have been following our blog for a while, you probably remember an article that we posted a little over a year ago on how to maintain your hotel’s internet reputation.  In the article, we stressed how important it is to check out your hotel’s reviews on various websites like  We also praised TripAdvisor for allowing hotels to recover guests by contacting them after they post a poor review and we suggested that you work to improve your TripAdvisor rating.

trip-advisor-logo-tnIt appears that many hotels have taken our advice too far and are now manipulating their TripAdvisor ratings by posting fake reviews.  Check out this terrific article by Jason Cochran titled ‘Is One Big Joke?’  His article mentions that TripAdvisor has had to place disclaimers on at least 92 hotel pages because they believe the hotels ‘may have attempted to manipulate our popularity index by interfering with the unbiased nature of our reviews’.

The authors provides some great tips for people to interpret user-review sites.  One tip he has is ‘If a hotel’s management consistently responds to negative reviews, take it as a promising sign that testifies to their attention to service’.

Continue maintaining your hotel’s internet reputation!  But do it legitimately please!