Hotel Mystery Shopping

Why is TrueGuest Mystery Shopping the ultimate training and measurement tool?

Great service starts with a great training program.  However, even the best training program will not bring results unless it is combined with a measurement and feedback tool.  Inconsistent service is often the result of a great training program with a poor measurement and feedback tool.

For example, if you train five servers on your new breakfast program, one or two may pick up the program immediately, one or two may struggle to perform the new standards, and the rest may just decide to not do the standards and do what is easiest for them.  You will see many comment cards with a score of 10…  and many comment cards with a score of 2.

Great service starts with great training and finishes with accountability.  

How does TrueGuest provide the measurement and feedback you need to complete the cycle?

We work with you to create scoring sheets to measure your service standards.  Then our undercover analyst arrives at your property and evaluates your service from the point of view of the guest.  We evaluate every service standard and every internal control.  Our reports are concise and easy to read.  By using our scoring approach, it is easy to give feedback to your employees and hold them accountable.

What hotel areas does TrueGuest evaluate?

We have two different Mystery Shopping Programs to meet your needs:

Service Experience Audits – our most complete hotel audit.  During an overnight stay, we evaluate every level of service and internals control from arrival to departure.

Outlet Mystery Shops – our individual outlet audit.  If you only need an evaluation of an individual outlet, we can evaluate outlets such as restaurants, bars, gift shops, parking, and spas.


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