– Food and Beverage Training – Breakfast Buffet

Food and Beverage Training – Breakfast Buffet

Section One:  Host Training

Goal: To provide a warm and welcoming greeting to each guest and prepare them for service from a server


Section Two:  Server Breakfast Selling Training

Goal: To give great service and increase average guest check values by providing the guest with options and suggestions, thereby increasing your tips


Section Three:  Server Breakfast Service Training

Goal: To build guest loyalty by providing excellent meal service during breakfast

Recommended steps to use incorporate this training in your hotel:

  1. Have each server and host watch the video as many times as it takes for them to memorize the steps to great breakfast service.
  2. Use practice scenarios to test each associate.
  3. Have associates use our ‘Self Assessment Form’ to score each other when it is not busy. Have one associate conduct the check-out while a second associate does the scoring.
  4. Have the manager or supervisor conduct self-assessments. Have the manager sit down with each associate and review the results.
  5. Hold each associate accountable for hitting every step with every checkout.
  6. Schedule a Mystery Shopping Audit on a regular basis to review your progress.