– Front Desk Training – PBX Phone Operations

Front Desk Training – PBX Phone Operations – External Calls

Goal: To provide excellent guest service by answering guest calls properly and consistently.

Front Desk Training – PBX Phone Operations – Internal Calls

Goal: To provide excellent guest service by answering guest calls properly and consistently.

Recommended steps to use incorporate this training in your hotel:

  1. Have each GSA watch the video as many times as it takes for them to memorize the steps to answering a call correctly.
  2. Use practice scenarios to test each GSA.
  3. Have GSAs use our ‘Self Assessment Form’ to score each other when it is not busy. Have one GSA conduct handle the calls, while a second GSA does the scoring.
  4. Have the manager or supervisor conduct self-assessments. Have the manager sit down with each GSA and review the results.
  5. Hold each GSA accountable for hitting every step with every phone call
  6. Schedule a Mystery Shopping Audit on a regular basis to review your progress.

2 thoughts on “– Front Desk Training – PBX Phone Operations

  1. Proper Greeting – Good Morning thank you for calling the Holiday Inn this is Sarah may I have your first and last name please? ( Personalize the conversation by using the callers name.)

    And how may I help you today Mary?

    Exit greeting is branding the company’s name.. Thank you for calling/choosing/ your interest in Holiday Inn, have a great day.

  2. When conversing with a guest, GSAs vocabulary should be devoid of any slang. “Sure” is not an appropriate response. “Absolutely” would be a better fit.

    Also, to add to Lana’s comment above… asking for the guest name is extremely important. (using a guest’s name at least 3x in a conversation). But GSAs should be readily thanking the guest for info provided.

    “Good Morning and thank you for calling The XYZ Resort, My name is Jake, May I have your Last Name Please?…. Thank you Mr. Smith…. and how may I assist you? Yes! For your convenience, our shuttles arrive at each airport terminal every 30 minutes – the next shuttle should be arriving in approx X minutes Mr. Smith. Shall I inform the driver to keep an eye out for you at his next pickup? ……………..
    Anticipating the guest’s needs is also important. Probing the guest for info, – does the guest have a reservation? if not, make one… If so, pre-register the guest… etc….

    Is there anything else I can be of assistance with? Excellent… If you find yourself needing anything else prior to arriving, please do not hesitate to call. Again, my name is Jake… have a wonderful morning Mr. Smith.


    The videos above are decent starting points. But they’re lacking in what is necessary for exceptional levels of service.

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