Mystery Shopping FAQs

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping or secret shopping is described by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association as ‘the practice of using shoppers who have been specially briefed to anonymously evaluate customer service, operations, merchandising, product quality, and in special cases, employee integrity.’

TrueGuest has a few different types of mystery shopping including:

Service Experience Audits – our complete, overnight program that covers every area of your hotel.

Outlet Mystery Shops – our program that covers just one outlet such as a restaurant, gift shop, or lounge.

What Will Mystery Shopping and Service Experience Audits Do For You?

Increase Customer Service

Our report has both a score and a narrative for you to use as a tool to train your team members.  Our report fills in the holes that comment cards do not cover.  Why settle for a vague comment card service score when our report details every single detail of the service?  Also, because we are experienced Hoteliers, we know the service standards and can compare your service to the standards as well as other hotels we serve.

Improve Brand Standards Awareness and Prepare For Your Brand Inspection

Our report includes scores for all of your brand standards for service and cleanliness.  The report is a great tool to use to train your team members on the standards and prepare for your brand inspection.

Increase Revenues

Our report also details areas of opportunities for up-selling in the restaurant and lounge.  Many hotels love to use these reports to run incentive contests to encourage servers to sell appetizers, drinks, and deserts!

Decrease Internal Theft

Our shoppers know all of the tricks…  re-presenting buffet checks, not ringing up cash transactions, over pouring, giving away free items…  and will check all of the internal controls as well as make recommendations to improve your controls and keep theft out.


What areas does TrueGuest conduct mystery shopping?

Our overnight full hotel program and our individual outlet shops are available anywhere in the United States.

How much does TrueGuest’s mystery shopping service cost?

Our service is inexpensive but our results are priceless.  We have many flexible programs to fit your budget.  Also, because we believe in the quality of our work, we never require a contract.  Contact us a call today to schedule your first visit!