Perpetual Beverage Inventory How-To Video

mqdefaultTraining Video Goal: Successful implementation of perpetual beverage inventory by providing instructions and necessary tools

Training Video Length: Approximately 10 Minutes, Video can be paused and replayed at the viewer’s chosen speed

Training Video Audience: All Food and Beverage Managers implementing a perpetual beverage inventory system

This video takes approximately 1 minute to load and will automatically play once loaded.  For your convenience, all templates and instructions that are mentioned in the video are available free for download on this page below the video.

To download the Perpetual Beverage Inventory Template in Excel Format, click here.

To download the Perpetual Beverage Inventory Template instructions in PDF format, click here.

To read an article on Perpetual Beverage Inventory, click here.

To download the free Banquet Bar Requisition Template in Excel format, click here

To download the Banquet Bar Requisition Template instructions in PDF format, click here

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Beverage Inventory How-To Video

  1. I was wondering if you have an equation on the perpetual inventory sheet that will have a total cost %. Including banquet and lounge MTD

  2. Hi Cristi,

    Are you asking about our Perpetual Inventory Excel spreadsheet? If so, the spreadsheet is really designed to control the liquor room inventory, rather than each bar. You basically log the inventory in as you order it, and then log it out as you distribute it to each of your bars. If you click on the second tab, you can input your month to date sales to see your liquor cost. Does that make sense?

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