Product Review: Simmons EverNU Mattress

Simmons has introduced a new mattress that lets you zip off the top layers of the mattress and replace them.  By doing this, you can extend the life of your hotel’s mattresses.  A mattress can now last up to 14 years according to Simmons.

Check out the full details, including a video on Simmons’s website by clicking here.

Our take:  It seems like a solid idea.  The replacement tops cost about $120.  It seems like a good solution to replace soiled mattresses for about 1/5th of the cost.  We really like any idea that improves the cleanliness of the beds in hotel rooms.  Hotel beds have really come a long way in recent years.  We really believe that the triple sheet system that replaced the disgusting comforters is one of the biggest improvements for hotels in decades.

Hat tip:  We originally were tipped off about this mattress in the Hotel Check-In Blog.

Product Review: Suite Fridge Hospitality Refrigerators

ard204abs_closed_enlargeRefrigerators in guest rooms are a great idea.  Old refrigerators with compressors that cycle on and off all night are not such a great idea.  We recently ran into a new refrigerator during a trip to a newly renovated hotel.  The great thing about the Suite Fridge is the addition of two new buttons.

The first button is a ‘quick chill’ button.  It can turn a newly installed refrigerator to the right temperature in just two hours.  It is a great energy saver and useful if your hotel does not have refrigerators in the room but delivers them on request.

The second button is a ‘snooze’ button.  What a great idea!  The guest hits the snooze button before sleep and then enjoys 8 hours of silence.  The refrigerator stays cold as long as the door is not opened.  For more info, check out this website.