To Hire the Best, Be Prepared for the Best

It never amazes me to hear see how poor potential candidates are treated when they come to apply for a job. Many hotels struggle to attract great candidates, yet are not set up to welcome great candidates to their hotel. How many times have you received a great application and called the applicant for an interview only to find out that they are already employed or not interested?

Before I make suggestions on how to attract great applicants and how to welcome applicants, here is a list of gripes I hear from job seekers:

Some hotels only allow applicants to apply during limited hours in human resources. While this is convenient to the hotels, these hours are never convenient for potential candidates who are currently employed. I have heard of hotels who only accept applications during a four hour block each week.

Many hotels have the front desk take care of the application process. The Guest Service Agents are often completely out of the hiring loop and do not even know what positions are open.

Some hotels make potential candidates pay for parking while visiting the hotel to fill out applications or interviews. This can add a large expense to someone who is already unemployed.

Applicants often complain that when they fill out an application, they have no idea what happens next. Will the application be passed on? Is the job even still available?

I will make suggestions on how to handle those complaints later. But first, how do you go about getting applicants to your hotel?

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