Four Seasons Introduces 15-Minute Room Service in All 86 Hotels & Resorts

Starting at the end of 2011, Four Seasons will offer 15-minute Room Service in all of their hotels (20 minutes in some locations with kitchens not easily accessible).  From the Four Seasons press release:

“Whether needing to quickly replenish after a workout or wanting to toast the perfect sunset, 15-Minute Room Service provides quick and delicious meals for those who want it right away,” says Christopher Hunsberger, executive vice president, global product and innovation at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “It’s also ideal for those who are on the go. Ideally, every meal would be enjoyed at leisure, but at times we really just need to grab a bite quickly – and there’s no reason that it can’t be freshly-made with quality ingredients, and entirely delicious.”

While the logistics of a 15-minute room service may be difficult, the idea is terrific.  Many guests who order room service are on a tight schedule.  I can’t tell you how many times I tried to fit in a room service meal before a conference call… and how many times the meal was very late and I barely got a chance to eat!  Doorknob hanger order forms have really helped out my breakfast routine, and this 15-minute room service program will be great for lunch and dinner, especially when arriving at a hotel later than expected and starving.  Also from the press release:

“At Four Seasons, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make the most of our guest’s time and enhance their experience. By putting ourselves in the place of our guests and imagining what could make their lives easier, we’re able to come up with new services, amenities and approaches to doing business on a regular basis. Putting guests first and delivering good quality food quickly is just the latest in a long history of innovations,” Hunsberger added.

Source:  Four Seasons Press Release