Quit Ignoring My Guest Request!

When we evaluate new hotels for our overnight stay reports, more than 1 out of every 3 simple guest requests is completely ignored.  The analyst’s requests are simple things such as a toothbrush, more towels, or to have an engineer or bellman come up to the room.  The analyst will make the request and never hear from a hotel associate ever again.  Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to make sure your requests are handled perfectly:

Do require the guest service agent to log the request on a proper Guest Request Log

Don’t allow them to scribble the request on scrap paper, the back of their hand, or anything else but the log!

Do make sure the log has space for the GSA to log the following:  time of the request, room number, guest name, the item requested, teammate who handled the request, time request completed, and the time of the callback.

Do make every GSA log down every request on the guest request log.  If a guest requests a toothbrush or requests a room change, it must be on the log.

Do make it a goal for all requests to be handled within 10 minutes.  Waiting 20 minutes for a toothbrush may seem like no big deal… unless you are trying to brush your teeth and have an important meeting to get to.

Do require that a GSA calls back every guest to make sure their request was fulfilled.

Don’t ever conduct a guest call back unless you are absolutely positive that the request was taken care of.  If the guest requested a toothbrush, the GSA should wait until the housekeeping associate tells the GSA that they delivered the toothbrush.  There is nothing more embarrassing than conducting a follow-up call and hearing ‘no, I have not received it yet’.

Don’t conduct a callback and say ‘I’m checking to see if you received your toothbrush yet’.  That makes the hotel seem incompetent.  Hopefully, you know that the guest received the toothbrush because the delivery person confirmed it with you after delivery.  You are conducting the callback to make sure a guest request was handled to the guest’s satisfaction and ask if anything further is needed.

Do save all guest request logs and review them every month.  You should be checking for trends.  If last month 5 people requested a room change from room 410, you have a problem with room 410 that needs to be addressed.  Strive to reduce guest requests by reviewing past trends and being proactive in correcting them.

Do handle 100 percent of requests within 10 minutes and complete 100 percent of callbacks!

Download our Guest Request Log HERE

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