Forbes Travel Guide Releases 2024 Five-Star Award Winners

Forbes has been traveling the globe to certify more hotels for 2024. They have added an additional 21 international 5-Star Hotels and only 1 additional US Hotel. The 66th annual list features 340 Five-Star, 600 Four-Star, and 503 Recommended hotels; 78 Five-Star, 121 Four-Star, and 59 Recommended restaurants; and 126 Five-Star and 201 Four-Star spas worldwide.

From the Forbes Press Release:

FTG compiles its ratings using an objective, independent and data-driven process. Incognito inspectors pose as everyday guests and stay at hotels, board cruises, receive spa services and dine at fine restaurants around the world. They test some 900 exacting standards—such as whether a room is designed to promote sleep quality or whether the food-and-beverage choices support a guest’s well-being—emphasizing exceptional service, which accounts for 70 percent of a property’s rating. Newer standards focus on the guest experience, such as ensuring “cocktails are dynamically interesting and photogenic” and even asking if the inspector would “readily recommend this property to others.” The remaining 30 percent comes from the quality and condition of the facilities. Finally, inspectors are now required to reflect on whether there was great value in the experience.

The full list of 2024 Five Star winners is as follows: