Section 11: Hotel Self Assessment of Liquor Controls

Section 11: Hotel Self Assessment of Liquor Controls

Section Goals:  Now that you have completed our training, it is time to do a self assessment of your liquor controls and build your action plan.  Please rate your hotel as ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ in each of the categories.  You can also click on each category to go back and review the information.

The print out a PDF of our Hotel Self Assessment, click here.

Budgeting/Costing Section

  1. Conduct Ideal Cost Calculations Monthly (pass / fail)

Inventory Section

  1. Separation of Duties (pass / fail)
  2. Perpetual Inventory in Place (pass / fail)

Pour Poor Practices Section

  1. Measuring Devices in Place (pass / fail)
  2. Standardized Recipes (pass / fail)
  3. Proper Glass Sizes (pass / fail)
  4. Standardized Beer & Wine Pours (pass / fail)
  5. Proper Pouring Order (pass / fail)
  6. Proper Ice (pass / fail)

Internal Controls to Prevent Pocketing of Cash

  1. Hotel Issued Cash Drawers (pass / fail)
  2. Drink Entering Standard (pass / fail)
  3. Receipt Presentation Standard (pass / fail)
  4. Random Bank Audits (pass / fail)
  5. Tip Jar Placement (pass / fail)
  6. POS Terminal Placement (pass / fail)
  7. Security Cameras (pass / fail)
  8. “No Sale” Button Policy (pass / fail)

Internal Controls to Prevent POS Manipulation

  1. Seperate Button for Each Item (pass / fail)
  2. Payment/Tab Request Standard (pass / fail)
  3. POS Swipe Cards (pass / fail)
  4. Bartender Productivity Logs (pass / fail)

Internal Controls to Prevent Liquor Manipulation

  1. Bottle for Bottle Exchange Requisition (pass / fail)
  2. Personal Belongings Policy (pass / fail)
  3. Comp/Spills Policy (pass / fail)
  4. Random Mystery Shopping (pass / fail)

Internal Controls to Prevent Misuse of Promotional Material

  1. Pre-Numbered Coupons (pass / fail)
  2. Coupon Handling Procedures (pass / fail)
  3. Receipts and Signatures for Coupons (pass / fail)

Internal Controls for Cocktail/Restaurant Servers

  1. Drink Ordering Process (pass / fail)
  2. Employees Behind the Bar Policy (pass / fail)

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Your progress so far:  1.Introduction,  2.Understanding Budgeted Cost,  3.Inventory Inaccuracies,  4.Perpetual vs. Periodic Inventory,  5.Poor Pour Practices,  6.Causes of Internal Theft,  7.Common Types of Theft,  8.Self Assessment,  9.Review and Conclusion

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