UK Bed Bugs Hotel Monitoring System Coming to the US

In our favorite hotel-related story this week (mainly because we want to post a picture of a bed bug sniffing beagle), has partnered with Dana K9 to provide their service in New York and New Jersey. created a Bed Bugs’ Hotel Environmental Monitoring System and will now be bringing it to the US.  From their press release:

Pioneering British company is delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement with New York based bed bug specialists Dana K9 Inc.  

The agreement allows Dana K9 to use, install and distribute Bed Bugs’ Hotel Environmental Monitoring System within New York State and New Jersey.

Widely used throughout the United Kingdom, the Hotel monitoring system is a complete control strategy for the detection and control of bed bug infestations in hotels, hostels and care homes.

The system combines patented passive monitoring detection technology with highly developed, eco-friendly, processes for dealing with bed bug infestations.  

Wherever possible, non-chemical means are used to eradicate bed bug infestations, with a corresponding reduction in potential environmental damage.

A little bit about their partner, Dana K9, from the press release:

With over 25 years experience in the pest control business, Dana K9 specialise in advanced methods of pest detection and control, introducing new technologies to their customers and using their team of highly trained and certified detection dogs for bed bug and termite infestations.

It will be nice to have another tool to keep your hotel out of the dreaded bed bug database.

Source:  Press Release


Source:  Dana K9