‘Hotel is Closing’ News Article Still Haunts Hotel

We know that times are tough for most hotels right now.  But be glad you don’t have the problem that the Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, CA has.  Last July, the Los Angeles Daily News ran an article in their business section announcing that the hotel will be closing.  The hotel was a bit of a legend for many locals.  It seems that everyone in the area has a story to tell about the Sportsman.  The problem, the hotel never intended to close.  There was a miscommunication between the hotel owner and the Daily News reporter.  Of course, they printed a correction the next day but the damage was already done.  Word spread quickly.  Past guests posted their stories of their great experiences at the hotel and said how much they would miss it on the Daily News website.

Even today, many months later, there is a big banner on the front of the hotel that says ‘hotel is still open’.  So as tough as things are for you right now, be grateful that people know your hotel is open!