Hilton to close California call center, cut 300 jobs according to USA Today

USA Today’s travel blog ‘Hotel Check-in’ is reporting that Hilton is going to be closing the reservation call center in Hemet, California and moving the call center to the Philippines.  Unfortunately, over 300 jobs will be eliminated in Hemet.  From the USA Today article:

“Hilton previously closed call centers in Illinois in 2008 and Pennsylvania last year, according to the Press-Enterprise. Some of the Pennsylvania workers had said they, too, went to the Philippines to train call-center workers, the paper says.

Hilton will offer employees positions at Hilton’s call centers in Carrollton, Texas, and Tampa, Fla., where workers make roughly $9 an hour, the story says. Those who don’t take the jobs will be offered severance packages.

Further details about the layoff aren’t available, because the employees told the paper that Hilton ordered them not to talk to the media – or, if they did, they’d lose their severance pay.”

Be sure to check out the full article by hitting the link above.  Warning:  there are a few hundred posts from very angry American’s following the article.  Here is a follow up article regarding the reader’s comments.

2 thoughts on “Hilton to close California call center, cut 300 jobs according to USA Today

  1. That is an odd decision. I’m sure it’s cheaper to do this over seas, but many people are moving back to the US for these services. Poor customer service, oversight issues, motivation and thick accents are the biggest reasons. They’ll be back.

  2. They are doing this again. Actually they are hiring new people, removing incentives and raises so the older people leave, then cut out third shift and sent those calls over seas. So on the surface, it looks like they are hiring but in reality that are cutting, they plan to keep cutting, eventually outsourcing both major call centers left in the US to els Salvador And Philippines

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