Ask TrueGuest: How to Test Your Bartender’s Free Pouring Count

mixed-drink1Free pouring is our 3rd favorite (ok, least favorite) method for pouring alcohol.  However, we understand that many bars want free pouring in place for ascetic purposes.  A highly skilled bartender can still achieve accurate pours using a free pouring method, just be sure that you are consistently testing your bartender’s pouring count.

In order to test your bartender’s counts, you will need a testing kit.  A couple of the popular brands are the Exacto Pour and the ProCheck.

Check out this video for a demonstration on how the kit works:

Just like everything else these days, there is an app for that!  Check out the Virtual Pour smartphone app from the World Flair Association:


Remember, whether you are using a measured pour or a free pour, the key is consistency.  Over-pouring not only leads to high beverage costs, but also increased liability.